Saturday, November 1, 2008

Farewell party year 2008

Went to the party today, to me, its like experiencing the band life that I had left since a year ago. Makes me unfold my memory on the day when I was sitting right in front of the stage with my fellow band mates.

Anyway, the form ones had started their performance halfway. Brought in quite new type of performance, in band room. Following up is the form twos' performance. What makes me surprised is You Zhi's appearance. The moment he started stepping on the stage, my expression was like (oh my... eeee... didn't expect that from him guys...). Well you should see for yourself how BOMBASTIC was it. Huh. There a lot following up next, but there's to much to tell so check out the video they recorded.

After the performance and the cake cutting ceremony, the talk begun. Me and Keng Onn received a lot of thanks from the form fives.. and you're most welcome form five is what we wanted to say, rite Keng Onn? Sher Mann, Seou Yuen, Hern Ee, Hua Chern and Liyar came too.

Yin Wen mentioned that the time when the three of them (Esther, Xian Hui and Yin Wen) are form one, I've taught them when they we're new member in the afternoon session. I can still remember that I'm barely same height as them. Lol. Anyway I grew taller than them after that. Ahem. Beautiful memories. Me and Keng Onn received gifts from the form fives. I got a pair of sunglasses and a bling bling 项链. Felt unexpected and bu hao yi shi. Thank you again!! Really felt so touched when receive the gift from them, 虽然物轻但情意重啊!I felt your 情 form fives. Thanks for all the messages too! (Brad Pitt la.. ) A lil 不好意识lo, receiving gift from them during their farewell party. Anyway, thanks again.

Enjoyed today's party and I would like to wish all the form fives 2008 all the best and good luck in your SPM! Will miss you guys and girls!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Raya holidays

Yesterday, I went badminton with my friends Keng Onn, Hern Ee and Hua Chern( long time no see fellow) . I went there by lrt. So went to the station, bought the ticket and went upstairs to wait for Keng Onn to go together.he lives near the station. I brought my bio book with me today to study cause exams near and sat down and started reading.

Like the breezy weather yesterday morning. Its like being on a large piece of garden with the soothing wind, sitting on a chair with a coffee table beside me, studying a book and drinking a cup of.... ahem.. but there is a lil banging sound from the construction side beside the station, but it is bearable. I studied for about half an hour while waiting. still can't see Keng Onn's appearance and when I looked back, I saw Keng Onn at the opposite side of the track. Haha. Wrong place. Ran down met Keng Onn.

We were early when we reach there but Hern Ee reach there first. As usual started the warming up and started playing. Hua Chern is late. When we were warming up, we saw a girl look very alike with Yin Wen playing next to our court. Hah. Maybe she is Yin Wen's sister or maybe her relative. Oh well, we didn't talk to her. Don't ask who is she. Well she's older than us thats all I can say.

The cars on the streets sure
today is lesser than usual. No traffic jams on peak hours. Love it.

Focus is important.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I joined back CHS band but in the position as a colourguard. To me its quite hard at the beginning of those days but its quite fun when you really enjoy it. I joined the colourguard late almost two weeks before the competition. I once thought of quiting it but after thinking about it and with all the encouragement of some members and also my friends, I put that thought to aside and never think about it again. I do miss those days we train together until late nite or even after midnite, we gave support to each other, teached each other and also even have some silly jokes together, we never loss out our energy(mentally) till the last moments. O ya. P'Tuo our tutor. Really enjoyed when trained by him. ( with Thai slangs ) Besides learning some thai words, we learnt Thai slangs too! Most of us were also once so used to it until we talked English with thai slang. Haha. Kalorkart! Haha!

I am luckier than Keng Onn that I can still stay in the colourguard section. This time we practice ever harder, for the nationals. Changes in formations and new choreography for colourguards is quite fun though. For a first timer like me, its not so easy to choreograph something that I'm not experieced at. But with the help of Keng Onn, Hern Ee and colourguards, the choreography is a success.

These few month of practice sure pass really fast. Its time for me to say goodbye to them as a colourguard. And the words that I want to say is I really miss the moments when we are together and I'll treasure every moments and every memory we gone through together!

These are some of the pictures after competitions.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Global Warming!

We have heard of global warming for years. For me in my past, its just a term that doesn't affects me too seriously, still acceptable. But time had changed. Weather of our planet had also changed.

Usually during night time, I'll just turn on a standing fan to keep me cool at night when I'm sleeping. But in the pass few nights, I didn't actually have good night sleep. I get on my bed, lay on it, the bed is warm. Too warm>hot. So I usually slept at about 1a.m. Now I do felt the bad effects of global warming. I could feel the raging heat most of the hours of a day. Heat are trapped in earth and not released to outer space. I still remember that when I was young, evenings' weather was cool. Me and my siblings usually went out of the house to play. We could still see quite a number of uncles and aunties jogging outside or maybe have evening walks. 凉风淅淅. So relaxing. I love the rainy days. But from few years back, evenings had become warmer and warmer. The monsoon seasons seems to had lost their tracks. Why is it still raining so frequently during the early of this year at this part of Malaysia? It should be a little bit more drier. Many weird stuff happened currently.

The temperature now (11.04am, 3May) is 32 degree celcius. Its grewing hotter and hotter. According to an article, if the average temperature of our planet rises by 2 or 3 degree celcius, mankind will start to extinct. The time would be 2030. Yes that's right, 2030. If I've not mistaken. Correct me if I'm wrong and also let others now what's the situation right now.

If this continue, another evolution of living things will begin. We should and could do something about it. We must! Mother's day is coming soon. We can help make mother nature beautiful and healthy. =) SAVE THE EARTH!!

( Click on it to have a better view )

To my fellow band members who are currently preparing for comp, do take care of your health more to fight against the hot weather and also sickness. Grab more water make sure its plenty. Get enough rest. Concentrate whenever needed and you guys will feel satisfied.

Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm.

Learn to say no to the good so you can say yes to the best.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I dreamt last night. The feel of holding hands and walking closely together with my love one. I felt total joyful in my soul. I felt a strong force of wave in me that makes me felt that in this world, there is full of different happiness that I haven tried and this one is call love. She is beautiful and good. I felt love and caring for another.
This moment last shortly.When I woke up, realised that this haven happen yet. When could it be? I thought of it for a while before I got up from my bed. Thought of myself. There is something that I should do and don't waste more time. Before I miss her.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


现在已是夜晚, 是补充精神好好休息的时候. 上了床铺准备盖上被时, 发现被上披着一片绵绵的白光, 往窗外抬头一看, 发现今晚的月圆. 原本想如睡的我, 不知为什么想在这时深深地凝望着月亮, 起来坐在床上, 深深地想想明天的我到底在做什么.
心里想, 月亮的光线是借由太阳所发出的光. 它们俩都没把任何一秒放弃, 把我们的天空照亮. 当我沿着月亮的光望去, 呵, 它已走向另一个位置了. 时间也正一步一步地迈进, 我也该把握时间, 养好精神.
闭上眼, 我对自己承诺把握每一秒, 因为时间将会是磨练我最好的使者.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


When 交响情人梦(Concerto of Love) went in to the TV programme I was stunt actually. I never knew that there is this kind of movie on TV. This movie is on every Sunday 3pm at ntv7 if I've not mistaken. Well waiting for the whole week and just watch the short short one hour makes me to ask for more. I can't wait for sundays to arrive. I went online to watch the movie. Watch movie online.. A very annoying experince. Why? Internet connection is not always steady. So sometimes I have to wait for 10 minutes or longer to load the 2 minutes show. So what do i do during the time, I rewind the show before that. I think I almost memorised some of the 台词. But sometimes its very fast. Well at least this neutralise my anger and impatient. Its a very interesting japanese movie. Its a comedy. Its fill up with classical music.(Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky) It has a oboe concerto in the movie!! Some scene make me 流泪满眶. It gives out some motivation on doing things in life and in music life. I like this movie. 千秋一新(chiaki) sure'll attracts girls. Haha. But anyway its very interesting. Watch IT!!

My Memory