Saturday, November 1, 2008

Farewell party year 2008

Went to the party today, to me, its like experiencing the band life that I had left since a year ago. Makes me unfold my memory on the day when I was sitting right in front of the stage with my fellow band mates.

Anyway, the form ones had started their performance halfway. Brought in quite new type of performance, in band room. Following up is the form twos' performance. What makes me surprised is You Zhi's appearance. The moment he started stepping on the stage, my expression was like (oh my... eeee... didn't expect that from him guys...). Well you should see for yourself how BOMBASTIC was it. Huh. There a lot following up next, but there's to much to tell so check out the video they recorded.

After the performance and the cake cutting ceremony, the talk begun. Me and Keng Onn received a lot of thanks from the form fives.. and you're most welcome form five is what we wanted to say, rite Keng Onn? Sher Mann, Seou Yuen, Hern Ee, Hua Chern and Liyar came too.

Yin Wen mentioned that the time when the three of them (Esther, Xian Hui and Yin Wen) are form one, I've taught them when they we're new member in the afternoon session. I can still remember that I'm barely same height as them. Lol. Anyway I grew taller than them after that. Ahem. Beautiful memories. Me and Keng Onn received gifts from the form fives. I got a pair of sunglasses and a bling bling 项链. Felt unexpected and bu hao yi shi. Thank you again!! Really felt so touched when receive the gift from them, 虽然物轻但情意重啊!I felt your 情 form fives. Thanks for all the messages too! (Brad Pitt la.. ) A lil 不好意识lo, receiving gift from them during their farewell party. Anyway, thanks again.

Enjoyed today's party and I would like to wish all the form fives 2008 all the best and good luck in your SPM! Will miss you guys and girls!

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